Keeping bees alive

Hello and welcome to Big Bear’s Bee Conservation.

The primary objective here is to inform about bees and beekeeping from a conservationist point of view.  That means a couple of things to me.  First, let’s keep bees that are already alive, healthy and alive.  Second, let the bees lead the way.

I follow an approach to beekeeping and life in general where I keep things simple.  My style is to use the resources you have at hand to accomplish what needs to get done.

I figure that after millions of years of being bees, there’s not a lot we are gonna teach bees about being bees.  Instead, let’s set back and watch for a bit to see what they are doing and see how we might fit what we want to get done into what they are already doing.

Keep it simple, that’s what I am all about here.  Let’s not over-complicate things that are already working and maybe just need a tweak instead of a whole redesign.

I hope you enjoy the pics and the posts here.  Beekeeping should be fun.  I try to keep that in mind here.



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