Bee Useful Tool and Equipment Reviews Are Coming

I have been planning a new video series on YouTube about reviewing tools and beekeeping equipment. This has resulted in mixed advice from those I’ve been talking to. Apparently, they want to hear my views on using tools and equipment, but they don’t think I should frighten the public by putting myself into videos again.

So, I’ll compromise. I’ll do the reviews here on the blog on the website here BUT, I’ll also try to add plenty of photos and video clips of the items being reviewed and in use to give you al the best of both worlds.

I have been a handyman doing everything from home repair to building fences and decks and all the way over to building and assembling hive stands, hives and other equipment for, well, a long time. Over thirty years and still going.

My plan is to present tools and equipment that beekeepers will find useful not only in their beekeeping endeavors, but in any general way. I will do my best to show the tool or item, how it’s supposed to be used, ways that it is used specific o beekeeping, and the pros and cons as to how good it actually is.

Not only will I be showing you power tools, but non-powered tools and equipment as well. What is non-powered tools meaning here? Mostly support and assistive things like carts, worktables, stuff like that.

You’ll learn that I am a fan of the “Worx” brand but don’t let that stop you from checking the reviews out because I believe in providing information so that you can decide if something will be useful for you, the way you work. So, I will, objectively as I can, give you all the pros and cons.

I plan to give you a new review on a weekly basis so please come back often to see what cool things we’re looking at. I’ll bee getting more active around the website in other ways as well to cover various topics outside of tools and equipment but the main point here is to provide useful information that you can use to help yourself be more successful.