Beekeeping Classes and Hands-On Workshops Coming Soon

With the new Bee Barn being completed soon at the Rescue and Teaching Apiary at Scatter Joy Acres, the ability to offer special niche classes on site dealing with beekeeping information best done in a “Learn By Doing” environment, will be started.

Beekeeping is an experiential activity. That is to say, one learns best by actively participating in it’s activities so as to best be able to put together all the aspects simultaneously.

I teach the “general” beekeeping classes at Metro Community College, most of which are lecture based classes focused on intellectual topics that don’t necessarily require live bees or hives to be present in order to learn and discuss about them. These general beekeeping classes will continue to be based and offered through MCC for the foreseeable future.

The things that will be focused on in the classes and workshops to be offered at Scatter Joy Acres will involve more hands-on skills and education. Workshops in participants learn how to build Horizontal Top Bar hives and Langstroth hives or how to build hive stands are going to be scheduled. Also there will be classes specifically focused on the setting up and managing the grounds of an apiary will be offered as well.

Tickets and scheduling of these classes and workshops will be made available using the Brown Paper Tickets website and app. I intend to keep ticket costs down by setting a base price of $15.00 per person. That will be the total cost (other than taxes, fees, etc… collected by BPT) of most of the classes and workshops offered unless there are extra materials, etc… involved.

All tools, materials, etc… are provided onsite in the case of workshops. All materials for these classes are donated and we will gladly accept any materials donations if one would like to offer them.

All of the projects, items, etc… built in the classes are the property of the Rescue and Teaching Apiary and will be used in the operations of the apiary and rescue activities. This helps keep the cost of the classes and workshops lower. The workshops/classes are offered to help participants learn and achieve new skills while helping meet the operational needs of the rescue and teaching apiary.

I look forward to welcoming future participants and being able to provide a place to help beekeepers practice and learn in a “learn-by-doing” environment.

The Blackburn Bee Barn Is Under Construction

The new large shed, is to be the newest fixture on the site of the Rescue and Teaching Apiary at Scatter Joy Acres. It’s to be built in the shape of a barn measuring 12 foot wide by 16 foot deep and 7 foot tall at the ceiling and having a gable roof above that for a storage loft.

The large shed will be used as a multi-purpose building. Chiefly for storage of apiary tools, equipment and gear related to the operations of the apiary itself. The designated “Bee Barn” will also be used as a combination classroom and workshop to be able to offer specific niche beekeeping learning opportunities that go beyond the typical beekeeping classes.

Plans for the future include an observation hive attached to one of the inner walls to allow observation of honey bees activities all year round. It will also eventually add a water catch rain barrel system.

The Bee Barn will officially be dedicated and named the “Blackburn Bee Barn” to honor the years long support of beekeeping and bee education supporting efforts of the Sharon and Randy Blackburn family of Omaha, NE.

Tremendous support has been provided to getting the Bee Barn built by the Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District (much to the efforts of Manager John Winkler) as well as Dyer Law Offices in the form of Mike Dyer. The Bee Barn is being constructed on-site by David Peterson, a local and long time Omaha area shed and garage building craftsman.

Each of these individuals and organizations, and future supporters to come will be prominently displayed on the “Bee Thankful” Wall of Honor at the front of the Bee Barn. A press release and official dedication ceremony will take place soon after the Bee Barn is completed.

I would personally like to thank Papio-Missouri NRD, Dyer Law and Davic Peterson for their involvement in making this a reality. This is the beginning of realizing a long time dream of making hands-on beekeeping education and training a reality for the Omaha metro area.

I also would like to thank Joy Bartling and all of her amazing team of volunteers at Scatter Joy Acres for collaborating with me to make bee rescue and apicultural education and training a reality and at home at Scatter Joy Acres.

A Beekeeping Experience

Hey folks. Just sharing some information.

The teaching apiary at Scatter Joy Acres opens officially Spring 2019.

There will be groups that can be scheduled for special needs folks to participate in a type of therapeutic beekeeping experience.

There is currently a long term, ongoing group available for veterans with stress issues like PTSD, etc…

There will be possibilities for other long term groups with special concerns like autism, etc…

Beekeeping has much to offer people in regard to setting themself up for success. It teaches us self-sufficiency, confidence, respect, self-control, and the difference between “can” and “should” among other valuable lessons.

The one-time beekeeping experiences will start being scheduled in May 2019. They cost $10/person (it costs $5/person for admission to the farm to see all the animals) so total cost is $15.00/person.

All proceeds go to Scatter Joy Acres to help cover expenses of caring for animals (and bees) on the property.

(Joy even has a wombat there along with the camels, horses, donkeys, emus, rabbits, chickens, geese, goats, sheep, oxen, peacocks, pigs, and much, much more)

Contact me to schedule a beekeeping experience starting next May.

Beekeeping protective gear and suits are provided.