SJA-Update- News For The Last Week of November 2018

I’m working at putting a weekly update on the goings on of the various projects I am working on for each of the locations I am working on them at.  In this case, I’m talking about the goings-on at the Rescue & Teaching Apiary at Scatter Joy Acres in North Omaha.

Bee nucs are on sale.

I have placed an order for 4 nucs to be used at the Teaching apiary to begin the training and veterans group activities ther as soon as possible.  Yes, it is a rescue apiary but most rescues won’t show up in the apiary until late Spring and we want to give our participants ecxperience with bees and what to do as soon as Spring starts.  If things go as we expect and hope, this will be a one time purchase as rescues and splits will help provide the futuure teaching hives.

You can help to purchase the initial nucs for the teaching apiary by clicking this link to the GoFundMe page and contributing there.  If you don’t like GoFundMe, contact me directly for other ways to contribute.

Apprentice Program

The Apprentice program still has room for 2 more apprentices.  Apprenticeship is more than just volunteering and helping out occassionally.  It’s making a committment to helping achieve the goals and objectives of successfully managing the hives at the teaching apiary and assisting with educational programs and activities that are scheduled.

Yes, there is some flexibility but the folks willing to put the most in will be the ones given the most consideration.

Being an apprentice here is learning to successfully manage hives for production, teaching and mentoring others, doing live bee removal and relocation activities and more.  Of course there are certain benefits to making such a committment of time and effort.

Contact me directly by filling out the Apprentice form on the website.

Veterans Beekeeping Group

The veterans beekeeping project is one that focuses on using beekeeping as a therapeutic way of reducing stress and learning a new hobby at the same time.

Veteran participants are welcome to join at no cost to them.  Just bring your enthusiasm and courage and we’ll take care of the rest.

This program starts in April, 2019.  Contact me directly at 402-370-8018 or at bigbearomaha at to register.

Bee. S. Sessions

Beekeepers are welcome to come on over and be part of a group chat about all things bees and beekeeping at Scatter Joy Acres on the First and third Saturday of each month this Winter.  There is only a $5.00 entry fee to access the farm but you get to hang out with other beekeepers, ask questions, help others and generally Bee. S. for awhile.  Come on over antime between 9 am and 11 to shoot the bees with us.

Scatter Joy Acres is located at 4966 Newport Ave, Omaha, NE 68152

Looking For Something Different? Beekeeping Apprentices Now Being Accepted

That’s right, Big Bear (Tony Sandoval, the beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College, Lauritzen Gardens and running the bee rescue and teaching apiary at Scatter Joy Acres, is looking for Beehooligans for the Beekeeping season of 2019!

Beehooligans are the people who help keep things running as they shouuld at the teaching apiary.  In exchange for your time and effort, you get valuable experience and opportunities to learn beekeeping ?”on the job” sort of.

Who are we looking for?  People who like to learn by doing.  If you like to have fun and learn beekeeping as a trade.  People who are begininning their beekeeping adventure and people who want to be a beekeeper but have no place or resources to have their own hives.  You can help Big Bear rescue bees from locations and put them in hives at the Scatter Joy Acres teaching apiary to teach classes in beekeeping with, do presentations for the public and produce honey and beeswax to be used for fundraising for the farm.

Currently accepting requests for up to 3 more apprentices for 2019.  Must have Saturdays available to take care of the teaching apiary and assist with live bee nest removals/relocations.

Contact Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval by e-mail at:  bigbearomaha at to get the process started.

Making Beekeeping Education and Training Available With Your Help

I head the bee rescue and teaching apiary hosted by Scatter Joy Acres in Omaha, NE.  I provide the mentoring, teaching, traininng, maintenance, management and operations of the apiary.

The apiary itself belongs to Scatter Joy Acres.  It is their apiary, their bees once the hives are installed and they get the honey, beeswax and any other harvestable items from the hives.

I do not get paid to do what I do there.  It is part of an experiment on my part.  Instead of being paid to offer my services there, I instead have started a Patreon page to see if people will help me to continue to make a living doing what I do best and pursue the ambitious goal of bee conservation.

Your support at Patreon helps me to acquire the tools and equipment I need to do the job properly.  It helps me to pay bills (my wife and kids ask that I provide food, shelter, clothes, etc… on occassion, crazy, right?) and other nice things.

I don’t ask for much, even if it’s only one dollar a month helps a lot.  If you can bring others to support my work, that is even more awesome!

I especially ask that beekeepers who come to the teaching apiary to please contribute to my Patreon page as they are most directly gaining the benefit of my efforts.

Thank you everyone for your support of bee conservation and education.

The End Of The Beehooligans Podcast

The Beehooligans Podcast is no more.  I just don’t have the time, resources or assistance necessary to continue it.  I had a lot of fun bringing you interesting interviews and information about the beekeeping experience.

Of course, this isn’t the end of Big Bear’s Beehooligans.  Oh no!  The work will carry on by focusining on the efforts of the bee rescue and teaching apiary hosted at Scatter Joy Acres in Omaha, NE.

I will still be providing hands-on training and educational experiences for local beekeepers, newbees and Wanna-bees to gain new skills and practice to improve skills.

I will still be inviting the public to come to various activities to inform and educate about how to make their own yard and their community bee friendly.

And, of course, I will still be doing live bee removal and relocation of honey bee and bumble bee nests (according to State of Nebraska guidelines in the pest control certification books) and honey bee swarm captures and bringing them to the rescue apiary for their safety and to provide beekeeper learning and to provide resources such as honey and beeswax for the apiary host, Scatter Joy Acres.

Downloads Page Is Online

Yes, I have finally gotten the Downloads page up and it actually has a few PDF’s to download already.  Particularly the “Intro To Beekeeping” class notes, and the Apiarist, Apiary planners and the Hive Inspection form.

Please look for beekeeping books and other helpful documents to bee made available to help you bee the best you can bee.


I call it “Beehooliganism”.  The sometimes irreverent and individual approach to beekeeping that a person goes about to meet their own goals and objectives irregardless of what popular opinion and conventional group-think dictates.

I look at beekeeping as an exercise in self-sufficiency.  No two beekeepers intentions are identical and no set of circumstances are the same for the how, why and where a beekeeper keeps their bee hives.  While so many things about beekeeping are shared across the beekeeping world; equipment, methodologies and interest in what the hive has to offer, just as much, if not more, becomes very personalized and unique to each beekeeper as well.

A Beehooligan goes about beekeeping in ways that meet their own personal goals and objectives and will engage in experimentation and creative inventiveness to come up with a system that best meets their own personal, unique needs.

Beehooligans are not swayed by the mob at bee clubs and associations that insist bees only do certain things and that there is some obligation to a larger community of beekeepers to adhere to some antiquated and irrational shared philosophy.

Beehooligans are convinced that what may work for one beekeeper may very likely be successful for the next.  Indeed, the intricacies of each individual’s apicultural experience are often as unique as each individual beekeeper.  There is a reason the old saying exists that, “If you ask ten beekeepers a question, you may get eleven different answers.”

While there are times that uniformity of equipment and methods may  be the most reasonable way, conformity to some mis-guided moral code or philosophy can eventually only work to the detriment of the individual beekeeper.

When you enter the beekeeping experience, determine your own objectives.  Set your own goals and strategies to meet those objectives and learn everything you can and cherrypick the Hell out of it all until you put together a system that makes you the most successful you can be for you and your bees.

Beehooligans believe that you should engage in beekeeping that makes YOU successful and enjoyable.  If you aren’t having fun in your beekeeping, you’re doing it wrong.

Welcome to the new web site

Due some legal issues in relation to the name “Bee Smart”, I needed to re-brand the  project name I’ve been working under.  Since I personally created “Beehooligans” and I am in the process of getting copyright for, I decided to completely re-work the website to be more centered on the podcast.

The past episodes, now to be re-branded simply as “Big Bear’s Beehooligans”, will be posted here for your listening infotainment and yes, new podcast episodes will be recorded and posted here after they come off of the main podcast site at Spreaker.

I will also maintain (hopefully) up-to-date calendar with all the classes, presentations and other events that I teach and operate at Metro Community College, Lauritzen Gardens and Scatter Joy Acres.

I appreciate your patience and thank you for sticking with me through this transition but hope you find that the wait was worthwhile.