New(ish) Beeholigans podcast Special Episode

Some time ago, I recorded a podcast episode as “Hive Talkin” with a high school physics teacher who also happens to be a bestselling horror author, AND is a pepper-infused honey producing Beehooligan in the state of New York.  I re-present to you Patrick Freivald

I’ve renamed it as a Beehooligans episode and I bring it to you now to hear from another incredible Apiarist who does things his own way.…/9399050/beehooligans-hivetalkin


Beehooligans Podcast Episode #1

The Podcast and website was originally called the “Bee Smart beekeeping project.  Due to legal issues, it is now “Big Bear’s Beehooligans”.  But, I can’t change history or old episodes so just mentally change the names when you hear them, could ya?