Scatter Joy Acres Teaching Apiary Days

I have the “Open Apiary Days” at the teaching apiary at Scatter Joy Acres posted on the calendar now through the remainder of this year.

“Open Apiary Days” are days when beekeepers and visitors alike are welcome to come into the apiary to practice skills, learn about bees and beekeeping and just have fun while feeling that bee luv.

Admission to Scatter Joy Acres is $5.00 per person and it all goes to help keep rescue animals healthy in a great home and to help people benefit from animal therapy.

I do accept tips for those who wish to support my efforts at the teaching apiary.

Summer Quarter MCC Classes Are Posted

All of my Summer quarter beekeeping and native bee classes being offered at Metro Community College are now posted on the Calendar page.

Links are in the descriptions to each class that will take you directly to the MCC online registration page for that specific class.