SJA-Update- News For The Last Week of November 2018

I’m working at putting a weekly update on the goings on of the various projects I am working on for each of the locations I am working on them at.  In this case, I’m talking about the goings-on at the Rescue & Teaching Apiary at Scatter Joy Acres in North Omaha.

Bee nucs are on sale.

I have placed an order for 4 nucs to be used at the Teaching apiary to begin the training and veterans group activities ther as soon as possible.  Yes, it is a rescue apiary but most rescues won’t show up in the apiary until late Spring and we want to give our participants ecxperience with bees and what to do as soon as Spring starts.  If things go as we expect and hope, this will be a one time purchase as rescues and splits will help provide the futuure teaching hives.

You can help to purchase the initial nucs for the teaching apiary by clicking this link to the GoFundMe page and contributing there.  If you don’t like GoFundMe, contact me directly for other ways to contribute.

Apprentice Program

The Apprentice program still has room for 2 more apprentices.  Apprenticeship is more than just volunteering and helping out occassionally.  It’s making a committment to helping achieve the goals and objectives of successfully managing the hives at the teaching apiary and assisting with educational programs and activities that are scheduled.

Yes, there is some flexibility but the folks willing to put the most in will be the ones given the most consideration.

Being an apprentice here is learning to successfully manage hives for production, teaching and mentoring others, doing live bee removal and relocation activities and more.  Of course there are certain benefits to making such a committment of time and effort.

Contact me directly by filling out the Apprentice form on the website.

Veterans Beekeeping Group

The veterans beekeeping project is one that focuses on using beekeeping as a therapeutic way of reducing stress and learning a new hobby at the same time.

Veteran participants are welcome to join at no cost to them.  Just bring your enthusiasm and courage and we’ll take care of the rest.

This program starts in April, 2019.  Contact me directly at 402-370-8018 or at bigbearomaha at to register.

Bee. S. Sessions

Beekeepers are welcome to come on over and be part of a group chat about all things bees and beekeeping at Scatter Joy Acres on the First and third Saturday of each month this Winter.  There is only a $5.00 entry fee to access the farm but you get to hang out with other beekeepers, ask questions, help others and generally Bee. S. for awhile.  Come on over antime between 9 am and 11 to shoot the bees with us.

Scatter Joy Acres is located at 4966 Newport Ave, Omaha, NE 68152

Selling Bees Helps Rescue Them

Hey folks, yesterday I posted about the bee nuc purchase deal.  I’ve had a couple price questions I’d like to address now.

The price per nuc is $165.00 per nuc.  The question has been about getting a lower price for volume discount.

Yes, it is possible to get a discount for volume.  No, I am not going to charge less for the nucs.

Why?  Because the more nucs sold generates extra money that will bee donated to Scatter Joy Acres to help pay for the bee rescue and relocation activities there and other animal rescue and care needs there.

I hope a number of people order these nucs.  One because I want to support a Nebraska beekeeper trying to supply good bees in the area.  Two because I want local beekeepers to have access to bee nucs and get them a good start.  Three, I want to help support the great efforts at rescuing and giving a new home and purpose to animals (and now bees) at Scatter Joy Acres.

If you’d like more information about buying some of these “Husker Bees” please follow this link.

Big Bee Buy

I have finally been able to make an arrangement with a good, Nebraska based source of nucs.  As I needed to obtain some for some of the teaching apiary projects upcoming, I am able to put together a group order if you would like to jump in on the deal.

these are Itainan or Carniolan (your choice) cardboard nucleus (nuc) hives containing 3 fraems of filled brood, one frame of food and one frame of foundation ( so that bees have space to grow instead of overflowing too soon).

The price is $165.00 per nuc.  All nucs must be paid for up front before I consider them to be official orders.  let me say that again.  If the money isn’t paid, the order isn’t made.

I will go pick up all the nucs in April/May (whenever they are ready for delivery) and bring them back to Omaha to be distributed at Scatter Joy Acres.

That’s the deal, the whole deal and nothing but the deal.  Scatter Joy Acres Teaching Apiary Apprentices will be able to and possibly expected to come along to load, unlaod and distribute nucs (and install the ones for the teaching apiary).

If you want to order one or more nucs in this deal, please contact me (Tony) at 402-370-8018.  Orders and payment will bee accepted until December 20th.