Stinky Trapout Bees

We set up a trapout nearly a month ago to remove bees from a deck column that we didn’t have permission to open to do a complete nest removal. As usual, the problem with deck column trapouts is the numerous gaps and holes the bees will find to use as alternate exits that you never saw while trying to close them down to one exit.

These particularly stinky bees have shown they can bee very sneaky indeed at finding ways in and out. Combine that with some really bad weather and we have a situation now for a so far very unsuccessful bee rescue.

These stinkers have shown that they will travel quite a way to retain access to the hive in the column. All it takes is just enough space to fit a bee through.

Unfortunately, if we can’t get the bees to cooperate soon, we’ll be told, “Thanks for trying, but the bees need to go one way or the other and now it’s time to go to the “other” way.” We don’t want that to happen so hopefully the modifications made today will get things on the right track.