2020 Apprenticeships

The apicultual apprenticeships beginning in 2020 are designed to be a two (2) year program. The only costs associated to be an apprentice are those to obtain one’s own equipment, tools, gear, materials, etc… as needed ongoing.

Accepted apprentices will not only engage in scheduled apiary duties, but attend scheduled classes and workshops as assigned as well, at no extra cost for registration except for materials costs, as they apply.

Apprenticeships for 2020 will be selected by March 1, 2020 and begin activities immediately. Please submit your registration by January 31 to be considered for selection.

Most activities and classes will be held on Saturdays anytime between 9am and 5pm, as scheduled. Be prepared to give up your Saturdays to the bees. Treat it like a new job, it is work that needs to be done and if you aren’t serious about seeing that work done,and doing it right, please consider registering for an apprenticeship only if you are really able to follow through with it’s requirements.

Veterans are welcomed, encouraged, and given priority to participate if they are able to.

Please begin by filling out the form on the “Join The Team” page.

2020 Classes and Workshops

I will be teaching beekeeping classes and workshops at different locations throughout the Omaha/metro area throughout 2020. Some may be at Metro Community College, some at Lauritzen Gardens and others at Scatter Joy Acres or at Omaha Permaculture.

The classes at Scatter Joy Acres in the Rescue and Teaching Apiary “Bee Barn” will be considered the core of activity. All classes will be available to the public and will have fees associated with them to offset the costs of making them available.

Those registered and accepted into the Apprenticeship will be able (and required) to participate in some or all of the classes or workshops offered at the Bee Barn at no registration cost as part of their apprenticeship activities.

Classes will be listed on this website in a post and on the schedule on this website and on the Facebook page as they are planned.

SJA-Update- News For The Last Week of November 2018

I’m working at putting a weekly update on the goings on of the various projects I am working on for each of the locations I am working on them at.  In this case, I’m talking about the goings-on at the Rescue & Teaching Apiary at Scatter Joy Acres in North Omaha.

Bee nucs are on sale.

I have placed an order for 4 nucs to be used at the Teaching apiary to begin the training and veterans group activities ther as soon as possible.  Yes, it is a rescue apiary but most rescues won’t show up in the apiary until late Spring and we want to give our participants ecxperience with bees and what to do as soon as Spring starts.  If things go as we expect and hope, this will be a one time purchase as rescues and splits will help provide the futuure teaching hives.

You can help to purchase the initial nucs for the teaching apiary by clicking this link to the GoFundMe page and contributing there.  If you don’t like GoFundMe, contact me directly for other ways to contribute.

Apprentice Program

The Apprentice program still has room for 2 more apprentices.  Apprenticeship is more than just volunteering and helping out occassionally.  It’s making a committment to helping achieve the goals and objectives of successfully managing the hives at the teaching apiary and assisting with educational programs and activities that are scheduled.

Yes, there is some flexibility but the folks willing to put the most in will be the ones given the most consideration.

Being an apprentice here is learning to successfully manage hives for production, teaching and mentoring others, doing live bee removal and relocation activities and more.  Of course there are certain benefits to making such a committment of time and effort.

Contact me directly by filling out the Apprentice form on the website.

Veterans Beekeeping Group

The veterans beekeeping project is one that focuses on using beekeeping as a therapeutic way of reducing stress and learning a new hobby at the same time.

Veteran participants are welcome to join at no cost to them.  Just bring your enthusiasm and courage and we’ll take care of the rest.

This program starts in April, 2019.  Contact me directly at 402-370-8018 or at bigbearomaha at gmail.com to register.

Bee. S. Sessions

Beekeepers are welcome to come on over and be part of a group chat about all things bees and beekeeping at Scatter Joy Acres on the First and third Saturday of each month this Winter.  There is only a $5.00 entry fee to access the farm but you get to hang out with other beekeepers, ask questions, help others and generally Bee. S. for awhile.  Come on over antime between 9 am and 11 to shoot the bees with us.

Scatter Joy Acres is located at 4966 Newport Ave, Omaha, NE 68152

Beehooligan Apprentices Learn By Doing And More

I run multiple beekeeping projects.  I go out to local beekeepers and help them one on one.  I manage rescue & teaching apiaries.  I teach beekeeping classes.

Beehooligan Apprentices are in it to gain hands-on practical experience and knowledge.  They make a committment to put in the time, effort , and resources to invest as much of themselves into it so that they can get the most out of it.

Not only do they learn by being my right hands on these various projects, they also learn by teaching.  They act as teaching assistants and aides to the students participating in classes, workshops and special groups.

I ask a lot of my Apprentices.  I also bust my butt to make sure to give them as much or more than they invest.  The best part of being a Beehooligan Apprentice though is the impact they get to have on other beekeepers who are just starting their journey and getting off on the right foot by taking in-depth classes, participating in workshops and coming out for one-on-one mentoring.

Because being a Beehooligan is all about building better beekeepers.  Helping beekeepers to be successful, happy and able to handle the challenges that might stop others from a life-long experience.

Fill out the Apprentice form on the top menu today if you have the time and committment to be a Beehooligan.  Building better bees by building better beekeepers.