An Apicultural Apprentice is learning to be an apiarist, someone who works inapiculture not just as a hobbyist, but in the manner of a professional.

The apprentices help do all the work of maintaining the Rescue & Teaching apiary from surveying property as an apiary location to building and maintaining apiary including everything in it.  From building hive stands to hives to doing grounds maintenance and pest management.  There’s a lot to know about the environment bees are expected to live in and be suucessful.

Being an apiarist is being a facilitator of colony nutrition/foraging, health, and environment.

If an Apprenticeship is something you might be interested in, please fill out the form below and contact me via email (, phone (402-370-8018), or Facebook Messenger(Tony Sandoval in Omaha, NE).  The best way to get my attention is by email or by mesenger.

Beeehooligan Apprentice