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Being a Beehooligan team member is about being more than “just” a beekeeper.  It’s about working on a project with others to continue a cool, ongoing mission to rescue bees, provide training for beekeepers in a learn-by-doing situation, and having fun while doing it.

Currently, there are two types of Beehooligans; the first being volunteers who assist in the ongoing activities and efforts of bee rescue and teaching the public about bees and beekeeping.  the second being the apprentices who are signed up for a program of education and hands-on training in the trade of apiculture.

Volunteers pretty much are scheduled as they are able to assist and usually help with more advanced and unusual aspects of taking bees out of rescue situations and interacting with the public during information events, etc…  These often take the roles of being extra hands, assistants, “Go-Fers”, and similar such activities.

Apprentices are here for the dirty work of actually taking care of the details of managing an apiary.  They are expected to show up on schedule and on time, to carry out assigned tasks and participate in classes and workshops designed to help them know what to do, how to do it, why it’s done, and how to teach others about it.

Apprentices are automatically considered Beehooligans and get the benefits of volunteer membership described below.

It’s a volunteer thing but not without it’s benefits.  As the saying goes, “Membership has it’s privileges.”  Beehooligans team members get access to free training, use of equipment and gear, invites to “Members Only” activities, free access to certain activities and events, awesome Beehooligans swag when it comes out, and perhaps best of all, free bees.

Points Galore

The Beehooligans team members earn points for each job they do.  For example, helping to do the groundskeeping is worth x number of points.  Helping to do a cutout or trapout os worth another x number of points.  Helping to actually take care of the hives and maintain them or to help Big Bear as a teaching assistant for classes or public educational activities are all a certain number of points for doing them.

So whats the big deal about earning points?  Well, by earning points, Beehooligans team members can use them to get cool stuff like free swag or even free bees when they come available.  That’s right, trade in points for bees and all that fun you had helping out to rescue bees and practicing skills to take care of them suddenly pays off when we do splits or have more colonies than we have room for.

Every job gets points and heck, sometimes, Big Bear just gives bonus points for going above and beyond.  You get points just for being a team member for a certain amount of time.

Join The Team

Reliability is crucial.  Each member of the Beehooligans counts on each other to show up when we say we will.  The ability to effectively communicate and make a commitment is what we need to make this work and grow into something we can all bee proud of.

If being a Beehooligan is something you might be interested in, and you are willing to set aside some time to make sure things are getting done so that the whole team can bee successful, please fill out the form below and contact me via email (, phone (402-370-8018), or Facebook Messenger (Tony Sandoval in Omaha, NE).  The best way to get my attention is by email or by messenger.

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