A Beehooligan Apprentice is someone  committed to learning by doing.  Someone who is pro-active and goes seeking for opportunities to achieve and succeed instead of waiting for someoone to do it for them.

It’s about being unconventional and thinking outside the box while thinking for yourself and being focused on beekeeping success as determined by one’s own goals, objectives, bees, and the local environment you are in.

It’s about making time for things you said you would do.  It’s about principles and standing up for them.

I ask a lot of the Beehooligan Apprentices and in return, I provide you everything I can to help you bee successful in your own right as a beekeeper.

If a Beehooligan Apprenticeship is something you might be interested in, pleasae fill out the form below and contact me via email (, phone (402-370-8018), or Facebook Messenger(Tony Sandoval in Omaha, NE).  The best way to get my attention is by email or by mesenger.  I am a driver as my day job and may not always be able to answer a phone call right away.

Beeehooligan Apprentice