A Beekeeping Experience

Hey folks. Just sharing some information.

The teaching apiary at Scatter Joy Acres opens officially Spring 2019.

There will be groups that can be scheduled for special needs folks to participate in a type of therapeutic beekeeping experience.

There is currently a long term, ongoing group available for veterans with stress issues like PTSD, etc…

There will be possibilities for other long term groups with special concerns like autism, etc…

Beekeeping has much to offer people in regard to setting themself up for success. It teaches us self-sufficiency, confidence, respect, self-control, and the difference between “can” and “should” among other valuable lessons.

The one-time beekeeping experiences will start being scheduled in May 2019. They cost $10/person (it costs $5/person for admission to the farm to see all the animals) so total cost is $15.00/person.

All proceeds go to Scatter Joy Acres to help cover expenses of caring for animals (and bees) on the property.

(Joy even has a wombat there along with the camels, horses, donkeys, emus, rabbits, chickens, geese, goats, sheep, oxen, peacocks, pigs, and much, much more)

Contact me to schedule a beekeeping experience starting next May.

Beekeeping protective gear and suits are provided.