Beehooligan Apprentices Learn By Doing And More

I run multiple beekeeping projects.  I go out to local beekeepers and help them one on one.  I manage rescue & teaching apiaries.  I teach beekeeping classes.

Beehooligan Apprentices are in it to gain hands-on practical experience and knowledge.  They make a committment to put in the time, effort , and resources to invest as much of themselves into it so that they can get the most out of it.

Not only do they learn by being my right hands on these various projects, they also learn by teaching.  They act as teaching assistants and aides to the students participating in classes, workshops and special groups.

I ask a lot of my Apprentices.  I also bust my butt to make sure to give them as much or more than they invest.  The best part of being a Beehooligan Apprentice though is the impact they get to have on other beekeepers who are just starting their journey and getting off on the right foot by taking in-depth classes, participating in workshops and coming out for one-on-one mentoring.

Because being a Beehooligan is all about building better beekeepers.  Helping beekeepers to be successful, happy and able to handle the challenges that might stop others from a life-long experience.

Fill out the Apprentice form on the top menu today if you have the time and committment to be a Beehooligan.  Building better bees by building better beekeepers.