Selling Bees Helps Rescue Them

Hey folks, yesterday I posted about the bee nuc purchase deal.  I’ve had a couple price questions I’d like to address now.

The price per nuc is $165.00 per nuc.  The question has been about getting a lower price for volume discount.

Yes, it is possible to get a discount for volume.  No, I am not going to charge less for the nucs.

Why?  Because the more nucs sold generates extra money that will bee donated to Scatter Joy Acres to help pay for the bee rescue and relocation activities there and other animal rescue and care needs there.

I hope a number of people order these nucs.  One because I want to support a Nebraska beekeeper trying to supply good bees in the area.  Two because I want local beekeepers to have access to bee nucs and get them a good start.  Three, I want to help support the great efforts at rescuing and giving a new home and purpose to animals (and now bees) at Scatter Joy Acres.

If you’d like more information about buying some of these “Husker Bees” please follow this link.