Bee Zen Veterans Beekeeping Group

I posted a little while ago about the new, upcoming veterans bee group starting in 2019.  There is more information available.

Instead of limiting the number of participants, there won’t be a limit, but depending on how many people we get that want to participate, we may have multiple groups.

The participants don’t need to buy or bring anything to participate, just your interest and willingness to participate and learn.  the point is not only to learn beekeeping by doing, but also to do it in such a way as to de-stress while doing so.  There is no cost to participate, just your tome and committment.

Gear, equipment, bees, and tools will already bee there, the only thing you need to bring is you.

This isn’t going to be a psychological therapy thing.  There won’t be any counseling, etc… during the training sessions.  This is learning to go about beekeeping in a way that helps keep the beekeeper calm, focused and relaxed while keeping the bees as calm as possible at the same time.  If participants have issues with high stress, PTSD, etc…  that matters is that you are there, enjoying the moment, and learning ways to enjoy life by being an awesome, super-chill beekeeper.

If you are a veteran, know a veteran or have contact with veterans groups that might like to steer people to this direction, contact me, Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval, at 402-370-8018 or , by email at, or on facebook/Messenger to Tony Sandoval (in Omaha, NE).