Big Bee Buy

I have finally been able to make an arrangement with a good, Nebraska based source of nucs.  As I needed to obtain some for some of the teaching apiary projects upcoming, I am able to put together a group order if you would like to jump in on the deal.

these are Itainan or Carniolan (your choice) cardboard nucleus (nuc) hives containing 3 fraems of filled brood, one frame of food and one frame of foundation ( so that bees have space to grow instead of overflowing too soon).

The price is $165.00 per nuc.  All nucs must be paid for up front before I consider them to be official orders.  let me say that again.  If the money isn’t paid, the order isn’t made.

I will go pick up all the nucs in April/May (whenever they are ready for delivery) and bring them back to Omaha to be distributed at Scatter Joy Acres.

That’s the deal, the whole deal and nothing but the deal.  Scatter Joy Acres Teaching Apiary Apprentices will be able to and possibly expected to come along to load, unlaod and distribute nucs (and install the ones for the teaching apiary).

If you want to order one or more nucs in this deal, please contact me (Tony) at 402-370-8018.  Orders and payment will bee accepted until December 20th.