Making Beekeeping Education and Training Available With Your Help

I head the bee rescue and teaching apiary hosted by Scatter Joy Acres in Omaha, NE.  I provide the mentoring, teaching, traininng, maintenance, management and operations of the apiary.

The apiary itself belongs to Scatter Joy Acres.  It is their apiary, their bees once the hives are installed and they get the honey, beeswax and any other harvestable items from the hives.

I do not get paid to do what I do there.  It is part of an experiment on my part.  Instead of being paid to offer my services there, I instead have started a Patreon page to see if people will help me to continue to make a living doing what I do best and pursue the ambitious goal of bee conservation.

Your support at Patreon helps me to acquire the tools and equipment I need to do the job properly.  It helps me to pay bills (my wife and kids ask that I provide food, shelter, clothes, etc… on occassion, crazy, right?) and other nice things.

I don’t ask for much, even if it’s only one dollar a month helps a lot.  If you can bring others to support my work, that is even more awesome!

I especially ask that beekeepers who come to the teaching apiary to please contribute to my Patreon page as they are most directly gaining the benefit of my efforts.

Thank you everyone for your support of bee conservation and education.