Beehooliganism Rule # 2

The first rule of Beehooliganism is that bees are crazy.

The second rule that we are talking about today is….

“If your beekeeping isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong.”

Beekeeping should be enjoyable.  It should provide you with insight, food-for-thought, inspiration, enjoyable moments, relaxation and even outright jocularity at times.  In short, fun.

Outside of commercial beekeeping, which can certainly have it’s fun moments, can have other times where it’s just a job, sideline and hobbyist beekeeping is voluntary and should be engaged in with the mindset of it being an overall enjoyable, positive experience.  If it’s not, then something is wrong.

For most people not finding it fun, it’s mostly because they’re not seeing themselves as successful.  Having observable, measurable objectives and goals helps to mark progress and see success rather than scrabbling about in the proverbial “dark”.

What objectives?  Whose goals?  Yours.  Nobody else’s, only yours.  If you have no goals, if you don’t have anything identifiable as to what makes you engage with ornery, oblivious to us, sometimes downright pissy, flying, stinging, insects then why are you doing it?  No wonder your not having fun and seeing what you’re doing as successful.

Beekeeping should be fun, if it’s not, you’re doing it wrong.