Welcome to Big Bear’s Beehooligans website.   This is the home of BIg Bear’s Rescue & Teaching Apiary project hosted by Scatter Joy Acres in Omaha, NE.  It is also where Big Bear (Tony Sandoval) posts about bees, beekeeping and anything else I can think of related to those.

Tony Sandoval is the beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College, and teaches about bees at Lauritzen Gardens.  He teaches “Beehooliganism” which is a humorous, irreverent conversation about beekeeping.  It is very focused on an individualized, self-determined approach to bees and beekeeping that emphasizes the importance for each indvidual beekeeper to set their own goals and objectives for their beekeeping efforts and to determine what success is based on those for themselves.

Listen to the Beehooligans podcast episodes on our Archives page

The Beehooligans are  which is made up of a volunteer team of apicultural  volunteers who work to rescue bees and get them to the Rescue & Teaching Apiary.  We also manage and maintain the Rescue & Teaching apiary at Scatter Joy Acres (49th& Newport Ave in North Omaha).

If you are taking beekeeping classes taught by Tony Sandoval (Big Bear), you will find usable downloads and official class notes on this website as well.