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 +====== When frames are more than frames ======
 +Frames in a hive are simply wooden rectangles until bees fill them with wax comb.  At that point, they are no longer simply frames but wax combs that comprise a section of a honey bee nest.
 +The nest is the sanctum sanctorum of honey bees.  It is hearth and home.  Birthplace and nursery to tens of thousands of bees.  It is designed to fit together like a puzzle. ​ Every wave and form corresponding to those surrounding it.  ​
 +Nest heat, pheromones, and chaining bees engaged in building new combs are preserved and facilitated within and in between those delicate wax combs.
 +Transference and movement of frames with combs in them should never be taken lightly or carelessly.
 +If and when it becomes necessary to transfer frames of comb from one hive to another it is important to do so with everything in place first.
 +Also, move purposefully,​ deliberately and slowly, as if moving one's hands underwater.
 +When removing frames from one hive, keep in mind the order they are removed a d install them in the new box in the exact same order to maintain the form fit or the combs and minimize environmental conditions such as childhood and other problems that could be instigated by such transference.
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