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This is the site for all procedures, policies and plans for operational beekeeping for BBE-Tech Apiary Services and S.O.Bee Apiaries.

To find out the “How's and Why's” of what BBE-Tech Apiary Services does, follow this link.

Policies & Rules

To find out “What” things we do and the ways we do them, please follow this link.


Planning is about goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. To see how we prepare, please follow this link.


At BBE-Tech Apiary Services, training and certification is a big part of what we do. Please follow the link to see how it comes together.


Big Bear has an approach to beekeeping and working hives that is based on his experiences and “out-of-the-box” preference for thinking about things. Follow this link to see how he sees things in regards to hive management.

Big Bear Production Hive Management

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