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Basic Beekeeping

Basic Beekeeping includes the most common things one would expect to know and do in the first year of beekeeping. They should learn general biology, behavior, hive and colony management, general honey and wax production and harvesting.

The basic beekeeper should be able to assemble equipment, render wax, perform general inspections of a hive and identify the most common indicators of pest and disease presence.

The basic beekeeper should be able to install a package or nucleus colony into a hive and prepare hives for successful over-wintering.

Advanced Apiculture

Advanced beekeeping includes performing tasks related to identifying and diagnosis of more complex concerns with colonies.

Advanced beekeeping is greatly improved by becoming familiar with the lexicon of the beekeeping research community. Know the terminology and concepts that researchers use to better keep up with and understand the research that is coming out all the time.

They should be able to perform general live bee swarm captures, trap-outs and set bait hives, hive splits and queen rearing.

Advanced beekeeping involves being able to plan out and prepare an apiary specific to a purpose.

Professional Apiculture

A professional apiarist is knowledgeable in the use of contracts and insurance needed related to specific purposes.

It is important to be able to be knowledgeable about and guide clients through setting goals and objectives to achieve their desired results.

It is not so important to be an omniscient expert on all things apiculture as it is to have a solid, established documentation and reference system in place. Take copious notes and accumulate a library of reference resources.

Have good, collaborative relationships with other beekeepers and apiarists who specialize or have more experience in areas you do not. Be willing to be of assistance to those others in areas you do have expertise and\or more experience. Don't be afraid to refer a client to someone else that specializes in an area you are not fully competent in. It's more important the client gets the appropriate service they need.

Offer to collaborate or assist the referred to collaborator to gain more experience. Perhaps bring them in as a sub-contractor.

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