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Big Bear Production Hive Management

This method combines the Warre box Nadiring technique with the conventional Supering method used with modern honey production.

Spring Start

In the Spring, 1 to 2 new boxes are nadired underneath the hive stack below the current brood chamber. The number of Nadirs depends on the population of the successfully over-Wintered colony.

If at the first early Spring inspection (first week of April in the Omaha metro area) the colony is covering 3/5 or 6/8 frames in the brood boxes, then add 1 nadired box to the stack. Check again in 2 weeks to see if able to add 2nd new box.

If the population is greater than that, add 2 new nadired boxes immediately. Check food stores, supplemental feeding may bee necessary depending on remaining stores and environmental conditions. Plenty of stores induces bees to draw combs out in new boxes sooner.

Once the new nadirs are drawn out and bees have moved down for brood production, production management begins.


For honey/beeswax production, add new supers to the top of the hive stack, above the two previous brood chambers. Those are technically the first honey supers for Winter stores and a natural “Queen excluder”.

Any new honey supers will be “under-supered” between the two upper former brood boxes (now back-filled with honey).

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